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APRIL 13-14, 2023

THOR Showdown Series
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  • All THOR Showdown Series events count towards year end overall

  • Race 8 of 10 rounds (in the same class) to qualify for year end awards

  • Race all 10 rounds (in the same class) and receive a pair of 100% goggles

  • Those who attend the year end awards banquet will receive other prizes in addition to their award





  • If you are wanting to park together, make arrangements to arrive together.  All vehicles should be parked parallel to one another.  There will be no "circling of the wagons."

  • Bring trash bags and place your trash in one of the available dumpsters when leaving the property.  Trash bags will also be available at the Front Gate and Pro Shop.  Trash cans will not be dispersed in the parking areas.

  • Help speed up the sign-up process by filling out an annual minor release form here and renewing your AMA card here






Gates Open: 4pm-9pm

Registration: 5pm-7pm






Gates Open: 6am

Registration: 6am-8am

Rider’s Meeting: 7:30am (PA and 88.5 FM)

Practice: 8am

Racing will begin immediately after practice





$20 Saturday-Sunday

$15 Sunday Only

  • Per Person

  • CASH ONLY for Gate Fees

  • 5 and under FREE

  • Camping included in gate fee

  • No refunds when leaving early






$40 250 A & Open A

  • Per Class

  • $10 Late Fee after 8am on Sunday










50cc- All participants

65cc-85cc- Top 10

All Other Classes- Top 5





-80% Payback- 25+A, 30+A, 40+A, 50+A​​

-Guaranteed Purse - 250 A & Open A

1) $300 

2) $200

3) $150

4) $125

5) $100

  • Paid for overall finish





2023 AMA Rulebook





  • RIDER REGISTRATION: AMA CARD REQUIRED. All riders must properly register before entering the track. ALL RIDERS WHO PRE-REGISTER MUST CHECK IN AT REGISTRATION.

  • PRACTICE: The staging area will be used for all practices. All riders must have practice bands or stickers. No turning around or cutting sections of the track. No stopping on the track. You must practice with your assigned group only.

  • REFUNDS: NO REFUNDS ONCE PRACTICE HAS BEGAN. Be sure to assess yourself, your equipment and the track before entering the staging area. Refunds for mechanical failures are not the tracks responsibility.

  • NUMBERS: If duplicate numbers are found, one rider will have their number "slashed" at random to avoid confusion. You must have contrasting numbers and plate backgrounds. It is your responsibility to have legible and matching numbers on all number plates or YOU MAY NOT BE SCORED.

  • TRANSPONDERS: MyLaps transponders are required for all racers on race day. Rental transponders are available at the event or you can supply your own Mylaps transponder.  Riders without a transponder WILL NOT BE SCORED.  

  • PIT RIDING: Pit riding is limited to 10 MPH speed limit in the pits. Helmets must be worn by riders under 18 years of age at all times. No joy riding after dark. FAILURE TO FOLLOW PIT VEHICLE RULES COULD RESULT IN LOSS OF PIT VEHICLE PRIVILEGES OR CONFISCATION OF PIT VEHICLE FOR THE REMAINDER OF THE WEEKEND.

  • RESTRICTED AREAS: No persons or unauthorized vehicles are permitted within the boundaries of the track. Jumping any of the fences could be grounds for disqualification of you or your rider(s).  ALL PHOTOGRAPHERS OR VIDEOGRAPHERS MUST CHECK-IN AT REGISTRATION AND WEAR MEDIA VEST WHEN IN RESTRICTED AREAS.

  • STARTING GATE: No tools or "farming" in front of starting gate. One mechanic per rider allowed in staging. Jumping the gate will result in an immediate one lap penalty. Report to the starting gate three races before your moto.

  • RACE RESULTS: Results are posted at the Registration Area shortly after each race. Check your results within 30 minutes of you moto. Do not wait until you are on the starting line for your second moto to verify results.

  • PETS: All pets must be on a leash. No vicious or excessively barking pets permitted.

  • TRACK RADIO STATION: Please keep your radio tuned to FM 88.5 for up-to-date announcements, rider's meeting and important information throughout the weekend.

  • WRISTBANDS: MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES. You will need your wristband to register, practice, race and while in the park. Please put them on and leave them on. If leaving the facility, your wristband will be required for re-entry. If lost, you will be required to purchase a new one.

  • GARBAGE: Please bag your garbage and place in the available dumpsters for pick-up. If you need trash bags, you can get them at the Front Gate or Pro Shop. Please refrain from dumping gas and oil on the ground.

  • CAMPFIRES: Reasonable campfires are permitted. 

  • RIDER INFORMATION: Rider information can be found at the Registration Area.

  • FIRST AID: First Aid is located at the Action Sports EMS Headquarters next to the Classic Track starting gate (west of Pro Shop).

  • SECURITY: Security headquarters are located at the Registration Area.

  • LOST & FOUND: Lost and found is located at the Pro Shop.

  • MEDICAL INSURANCE: We do not have Rider Medical Insurance. Riders are responsible for their own medical insurance. Rider medical insurance is available through the AMA’s RAMP Program at (800)-556-7614 or visit

  • PROHIBITED ITEMS: No fireworks, weapons, illegal substances, glass containers or any other items that may pose a safety hazard to our guests or competitors are permitted.

  • SEARCH POLICY: All persons, vehicles and their contents are subject to search at any time. If any fireworks or other prohibited items are found, you may remove them from the property yourself, or we will dispose of them for you. We are not responsible for the safe return of any confiscated items.

  • GUEST CONDUCT: Motocross racing is a family sport. We will not tolerate offensive or inappropriate conduct and reserve the right to remove anyone from the premises. RIDERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CONDUCT OF THEIR CREW MEMBERS, FAMILY AND FRIENDS.

  • BANNERS: Do not take banner or signage. Violators will be prosecuted for theft and trespassing.

  • QUIET TIME: Quiet time is 10:00pm nightly. Our racers need their rest!

  • NEAREST RV DUMP STATION: RV dumping is permitted at Love's Travel Stop in Greenup or KOA campground in Casey.

  • WATER & AIR: Water and air fill station can be found next to the Pro Shop.  Do not hook up pressure washers to water fill stations.

  • RACE FUEL: Sunoco Race Fuel can be purchased at the Pro Shop.

  • ICE: Ice can be purchased at the Pro Shop.

  • PROPANE GAS: Propane tanks can be filled at JJET Leasing in Casey.

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